Friday, 20 March 2015

Why art is spiritual

Creation of art I believe is a spiritual exercise, as it needs you to free your mind of worldly thoughts and tensions. In a way, it is like meditation. The concentration required to complete an original art piece, requires you to forget everything except the task that you are working on.

When I paint, or sketch, I do not realize I am hungry, or I need to sleep. I can paint all day every day, and I would still survive, I am sure! But coming back to real world, with responsibilities, comes the realization, that there are routine jobs to be completed, dinner to be fed to family, and to sleep, to wake up on time next morning :))

I do not believe in a lot of contemporary art created today, especially pop art and abstract art, as it conceals the true ability of an artist in a very positive way, might I say in a very slapstick commercial way(create something crappy, market it in the right way, sell it at a great profit, who cares if it is an ethically creative work or not, as long as it sells!) When I say ethically creative, I mean it comes from your heart and not your brain, kind of subjective and grey, but those who create from their heart would certainly understand the difference!

Anyways, do take a look at my art collection, and post your comments! Your comments both positive and negative are very much appreciated!

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